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Ala Carte Pricing:

  1. $75 - Listing in "Books We Recommend" -- Father's Day theme or Pride Month theme (June)
  2. $125 - Sponsored Excerpt -- We will publish your book's  Introduction or Chapter One. Can include a link to your sales page.  (See published examples here < > and here .)
  3. $250 - Sponsored Content -- You submit a blog post about the book and only pay our standard sponsored post price. Can include sales links, promotional videos, and links to other books, films, etc. 
  4. $250 - Sponsored Interview with an Author -- We will check out your book and then send you 8-10 unique questions about their project that are specially crafted to both resonate with our audience and help you get your key messages across. Send us the answers and images from your book, and we will design and publish a post that includes a link to the book or movie (or to your crowdfunding campaign when a project is still in the development phase).
  5.  $75 - Social Media Promotion--This is an add-on to one of #2, 3, or 4, above. We add social media promotion for $75 (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). For an additional $50, we will pay to boost your post on Facebook.  

Author Bundle Pricing:

$750 - Includes one each of #1, #2, #3, and #4, plus 3 x #5. This bundle price is a savings of $275 off of our ala carte price of $1025!

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