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Prices updated 4/2021

Ala Carte Pricing:

  1. $50 - Book Excerpt or Film Trailer-- We will publish your book's  Introduction or Chapter One. It can include a link to your sales page. (See published examples here and here.) For trailers, please include 350 words of copy. We must be able to embed your video.
  2. $100 - Original Blog Post that You Write for Us -- You submit a blog post about the book or film. The post can include sales links, promotional videos, and links to other books, films, etc
  3. $225 - Interview with an Author or Director -- Send us an electronic version of your book/film/synopsis and a bullet list of your talking points. (Please complete this form for the interview. ) We will send you 5-7 unique questions about the book/film that are specially crafted to both resonate with our audience and help you get your key messages across. Send us the answers and any art to go along with it (book cover, film still, etc.) and we will design and publish a post that includes up to 3 links to the sales or promotional pages.
  4. $75-$100 - Syndication of previously published blog posts, reviews, or interviews. Just send us the link to content that you have permission to re-republish and we will run it on The Good Men Project, linking back to the original article. A reprint with no changes is $75. If you want to add copy, additional links or sales pages, the cost is $100.
  5.  $50-$75 - Social Media Promotion added-on to any of the above. We will promote your content in social media $50 (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). For an additional $25, we will also pay to boost your post on Facebook.  
  6. $300-$500 - Front Page Resource Link -- Improve your SEO with a front page link on The Good Men Project, a high Domain authority site. $300 is for 6-months, and $500 for a full year.

*We do not accept physical copies of your work, electronic only please. 

Author Bundle Pricing:

We want you to succeed, and believe that multiple mentions over time is the best way to get the word out. Choose 3 or more of the above and get 20% off the total price! 

Payment in full must be made before we begin. We will send you an invoice via PayPal after you submit this form. You may attach an article or a campaign proposal to this submission form. 

Please read the Terms of our Sponsored Post program.

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