DEADLINE January 31, 2017

Poets and poetry organizations everywhere are responding to the election results. Just this past week twenty nonprofits including the Academy of American Poets, the Asian American Writers' Workshop, Canto Mundo, Cave Canem, Kundiman, Letras Latinas, the Poetry Foundation, and the Poetry Society of America joined in solidarity "to promote the value poets bring to our culture and communities." The newly formed Poetry Coalition maintains "It is through reading, writing, and discussing poems that we learn about one another on our most human level, inspiring empathy, compassion, and greater understanding of one another." Individual poets are speaking out as well, and various literary magazines are soliciting responses to Trump's election.

Given the platform our president-elect ran on, and given The Good Men Project's mission and values, we are interested in doing a poetry series on immigration and xenophobia. Poems can approach one or both of these topics in any way the writer sees fit. Everybody will be welcome to submit work, but we of course want to hear especially from people who have been directly affected by or who are in a position to be directly affected by these issues--people of color, immigrants and their family and friends, those who have faced incarceration or deportation, and so forth.

-Submit up to 5 poems, single-spaced (no more than 10 pages total). Please do not put more than one poem on a page.

-Please include in your submission a 2-3 sentence bio and have an author photo uploaded on In your cover letter, let us know the email attached to the Gravatar account. A Gravatar account is necessary to create an “About the Author” box on the page, should your poem(s) be accepted.

-Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know right away if a poem or poems is accepted elsewhere. We are no longer accepting previously published work.

-Responses to poetry submissions range from a couple of days to two months. Feel free to query if it's been longer than that.
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